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Advantages of cast polypropylene film CPP film and characteristics of its production process
- Feb 18, 2019 -

Compared with other film products, cast polypropylene film CPP film has the characteristics of good transparency, high gloss, good stiffness, good moisture resistance, excellent heat resistance and easy heat sealing. The film can be used in the fields of hot filling, retort pouch, aseptic packaging and the like. Plus acid, alkali and grease resistance, making it the material of choice for bread packaging or laminates.
In the actual application process, the CPP film is safe in contact with food, has excellent demonstration performance, does not affect the flavor of the built-in food, and can select different grades of resin to obtain the desired characteristics. The production process of CPP film generally adopts the T-die method, which has many characteristics.
Casting cast polypropylene film CPP film to eliminate the film blowing stage of the tube film method, easy to drive, less waste; chemical molecules arranged in order, it is beneficial to improve the transparency, gloss and thickness uniformity of CPP film, suitable for advanced packaging; The electric up and down swing and the front and rear moving structure are easy to operate; the corona part is air-cooled and water-cooled, and the product is not easily deformed.