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Application field and excellent performance of PE electrostatic protective film
- Nov 16, 2018 -

Unlike general protective film products, PE electrostatic protective film is a non-adhesive film. This film product is mainly used to protect the adhesive by electrostatic adsorption of the product itself. It is generally used for adhesive or glue residue. More sensitive surface, mostly used for glass, lens, high-gloss plastic surface, acrylic and other very smooth surface.


At present, the electrostatic film includes different material types, and the PE electrostatic film is one of them. The electrostatic film has high smoothness, good adhesion to a smooth plastic surface, high temperature stability, and high temperature molding along with the plate to protect the surface. It can be easily peeled off, suitable for PMMA acrylic bathtub board, PC plastic board (sheet) and so on.


Summary of excellent performance of PE electrostatic protective film: This product has excellent temperature resistance, the product surface is clean and smooth, high transparency, low heat shrinkage, excellent flexibility, good release effect, fast pressure resistance, high pressure pressure bonding No residue after pressing, no cracking, no residual glue, strong adhesion, strong tensile strength and aging resistance.