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Application of PE protective film for aluminum and paste principle
- Nov 09, 2018 -

The PE protective film for aluminum product has the characteristics of easy sticking, easy peeling and no residue. The protective film product usually also has good softness, and has a fast "wetting" speed on the surface to be bonded; the peeling strength after the bonding is low; the pressure sensitive adhesive has good stability and does not produce any effect on the surface to be attached. Bad effects.


Application of PE protective film products for aluminum products: At present, this series of protective film products are suitable for various aluminum alloy products, such as aluminum alloy coated profiles, oxidized colored profiles, oxidized polished profiles; plastic profiles, spray profiles, plastic steel door and window profiles, surface protection It is not damaged during transportation, storage, processing and installation.


The main principle of the aluminum product PE protective film to achieve the paste: the adhesive in the protective film is a viscoelastic polymer, and the adhesive layer of the film can be in close contact with the surface of the adherend and flow into the concave surface of the adhered surface as much as possible. In the groove, the effective contact area is increased. The adhesive layer has a high peeling resistance, and the higher the peeling speed, the higher the peel strength of the pressure sensitive adhesive.