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Characteristics and uses of PE reticulated protective film
- Nov 19, 2018 -

The PE reticulated protective film is divided into coarse and fine lines, and the surface of the product is clean and smooth, with high finish and transparency. In practical applications, it has a good adhesion to a smooth plastic surface, good stability, and easy demoulding. Moreover, the release effect is good, resistance to rapid pressure, no residual glue, no chipping, no residue, and the use of such a protective film can well protect the product of the printed ink.


Compared with other types of protective film, the surface of the PE reticulated protective film has many meshes. The protective film has better air permeability, beautiful paste effect, and does not leave bubbles like the plain film; the viscosity is stable and easy to use. Easy to tear and easy to stick, no residue.


The main use of PE reticulated protective film: 1, suitable for surface protection of computer hardware products, such as can be pasted in the computer case shell, computer paint board, plastic injection molding, galvanized sheet stamping, printing and painting parts surface; LCD photoelectric series, to meet the surface protection requirements of LCD liquid crystal display, conductive film switch, touch screen, backlight board, EL electro-cooled light sheet, color computer display; 3, for surface protection of plastic injection molding products.