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Good light transmission and moisture-proof requirements for Home Application Multi Surface Protection Film
- Mar 21, 2019 -

The Home Application Multi Surface Protection Film has good light transmission, slight scratch repair, fire resistance and high temperature (225 degrees), radiation protection (stone furniture), easy to clean, long service life, in line with modern people's green health fashion. Requirements and other characteristics. The Home Application Multi Surface Protection Film is suitable for: home, office, hotel, hotel, large and small restaurant, furniture company, etc.


Home multi-function surface protection film is resistant to high temperature (225 degrees), wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, high-gloss transparent, non-fading, no degumming, smooth hand feeling, easy to clean, moisture-proof, explosion-proof and so on.

Suitable furniture for household multifunctional surface protection film


Furniture foils are suitable for high-end furniture countertops: marble furniture, various glass furniture, piano lacquer furniture, matt lacquer furniture, mahogany furniture, oak furniture, gold foil furniture, silver foil furniture, etc.


Sticking it to your furniture will protect the furniture from scratches, fading, and external damage, without affecting the aesthetics of your furniture.


The high transparency of the home multi-functional surface protection film can fully reflect the texture and natural color of the furniture tabletop, and protect the furniture paint surface as new as ever. The high thermal insulation and super-wear resistance of the film allows you to use the furniture without worrying about scratches and burnt paint on the table.