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Influencing factors and substrate treatment of PE protective film of plastic products
- Nov 15, 2018 -

The bonding properties of PE protective film for plastic products mainly include initial adhesion, adhesion, cohesion and adhesion. The specific performance of its viscosity will be affected by some factors. For the PE protective film of plastic products, a major factor affecting the viscosity is wetting, because the pressure sensitive adhesive can only achieve close contact with the surface of the object to be adhered, and create conditions for physical and chemical bonding.


Secondly, the movement and diffusion of molecules will also affect the bonding properties of PE protective films for plastic products to some extent. This is because at the time of sticking, the pressure-sensitive adhesive molecules move toward the surface of the material to be bonded, and when the distance between the two is less than 5 A, a physico-chemical bond occurs. In addition, the permeability of the rubber layer should be taken into account, and the rubber layer flows, and penetrates into the groove and the gap under a certain pressure, so that the contact area between the two increases, and mechanical bonding force is generated between the adhesive and the material to be bonded. .


At present, the preparation process of the PE protective film substrate film for plastic products mainly includes blow molding, casting and calendering. The surface treatment of the substrate film is divided into corona treatment and coating.