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PE protective film for carpet attention and use requirements
- Dec 03, 2018 -

Carpet is a very widely used furniture decoration material. It is made of natural fiber or chemical synthetic fiber raw materials such as cotton, hemp, wool, silk and grass yarn. It is knitted, woven or woven by hand or mechanical process. The floor coverings and carpet fabrics are mostly due to their thick latitude and longitude lines and large gaps, which are the most likely to accumulate dust, so the PE protective film for carpet is produced.

The PE protective film for carpet is made of a specific formula of polyethylene film and polyacrylic acid (pressure) pressure sensitive adhesive as the main material, which is easy to stick and easy to remove, and the pressure sensitive adhesive does not adversely affect the carpet and its fibers. It is mainly used for the decoration of carpets and carpet-like decorative surfaces (such as wall); car interior carpets, carpet-like decorative surfaces, fibrous seating surfaces, etc.

PE protective film for carpet

1. When using, be careful that the surface of the sticker is free of oil, powder, dust, or other release agent.

2. When used on materials containing plasticizers, the viscosity will be affected and should be checked during use.

3. Store in a dry environment below 25 ° C, relative humidity 65%; avoid direct sunlight and high temperature (above 40 °C) high humidity (75% RH) environment.

4. Storage period: 6 months.