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PE Protective Film for Deep Drawing Stainless Steel requires high elongation and elongation
- Jan 25, 2019 -

The transparency of PE Protective Film for Deep Drawing Stainless Steel is related to whether the product can meet its quality requirements. This is very important. The crystal material of PE Protective Film for Deep Drawing Stainless Steel is easy to crystallize. If it is not cooled quickly, it will inevitably reduce the transparency and elongation at break. . The blow molding process has poor cooling effect, high crystallinity, and low film transparency.

PE Protective Film for Deep Drawing Stainless Steel due to blown up, drafting, serious molecular orientation, resulting in low elongation at break; while casting production has good cooling effect, low crystallinity, good transparency, low degree of orientation, so high elongation at break Retraction is good. Add an appropriate amount of anti-fogging agent.

Requirements for use of stainless steel deep drawn PE protective film

1. Remove the oil, moisture, dust and other debris from the surface of the sticker.

2. Since the pressure-sensitive adhesive is used, it is necessary to use a roller or a punching device to press it sufficiently.

3. Since the adhesive force of the tape itself takes a certain amount of time to fully exert its effect, please be careful not to subject the tape to a large pressure for at least several hours after pasting.

4. When using, please pay attention to the initial adhesion and timely change, and make full confirmation beforehand. The product validity period is 6 months from the date of manufacture.