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PE protective film for stair floor purchase need to pay attention to what details
- Feb 08, 2019 -

PE protective film for stair floor is mainly divided into low-viscosity protective film, medium-viscosity protective film and high-viscosity protective film according to the adhesive force. Our company's PET and PE protective film protective film has good weather resistance and stability, and it is easy to remove. When it is removed, there is no residual glue left on the protected surface, and there is no shadow. Adequate stock and prompt delivery. Welcome new and old customers to contact us at any time to ask for samples, quotations, etc. We will serve you wholeheartedly.

Stair floor PE protective film purchase need to pay attention to what details
Problem: Paste is not strong
In the process of transportation and use, the phenomenon of falling off and the adhesion between the protected products is not strong. The biggest possibility is that the viscosity of the pressure sensitive adhesive used in the production of the protective film product is not enough. There is also a possibility that the user is carrying out The pressure of the molding machine used when the mold is used is not enough, or the surface of the profile is not clean, dust or paint, which affects the adhesive effect of the sensitive glue!
Solution: If this problem occurs, it is necessary to aim at the cause, the right medicine, replace the sensitive glue to increase the film pressure, or pay attention to the effective cleaning of the surface of the profile when the film is applied to avoid such problems.