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Reasons for the appearance of white spots in household PE protective film for home application for use
- Dec 07, 2018 -

The home PE protective film appears white point when it is used. We need to know that the ink in different batches should increase the particle size detection index and implement strict control on the basis of it. What should be especially pointed out here is the particle size of the full-bottom ink, and the particle size distribution is outside the standard range. We must not use it. In addition, it is necessary to choose a good and stable supplier. of.

The PE film of the home has white spots. When using it, we need to use its special adhesive. We need to pay attention to the fact that the surface tension of the composite adhesive is very low, and our coating effect on the surface of the glue layer. It is much higher than the general-purpose adhesive.

There is a white spot in the home PE protective film. Another point that we may need to pay attention to is that there is a certain matching relationship between the viscosity of the glue and the number of the wire roller. In layman's terms, if the matching interval is too large, the coating state of the glue will be destroyed. In this case, the phenomenon of white spots of the PE protective film will appear.