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Self Adhesive Film for Stainless Steel application and specific characteristics
- Jan 04, 2019 -

Self Adhesive Film for Stainless Steel film is made of advanced equipment in the process of production. It can be produced in the purification workshop and can be tailored to meet the different viscosity requirements of various products. The product is made of polyethylene and functional resin with specific formula as the main material. It is generally hot-bonded, easy to remove, and has good weather resistance. The binder resin will not adversely affect the product to be protected, and it complies with environmental protection regulations.

Self Adhesive Film for Stainless Steel application

Self Adhesive Film for Stainless Steel is mainly used for extruded board, stainless steel and aluminum alloy plate, frosted, brushed surface, aluminum alloy oxidized polishing, oxidized colored surface, colored aluminum composite panel, electrophoresis color plate and other surface protection film.

Self Adhesive Film for Stainless Steel process specific characteristics

The self-adhesiveness of the stainless steel is stronger, the whole product has improved the stretchability from the mucous membrane process, and the tensile strength is higher when the tensile strength is higher, and the tear strength is also improved, so any type of Product packaging can be done directly, and the quality is quite good. This will ensure a long-lasting tightening force and is very practical. If you want to package a variety of types of products, then the use of such a self-adhesive effect is certainly good.

The self-adhesive life of stainless steel is longer, and the process effect of the product effectively guarantees the service life of the product. We can see that there are many types of such products, and there are single-sided or double-sided self-adhesive, which can be completely according to us. The request is for purchase. Because of its large retraction, it will not be deformed for a long time. The tension is effectively ensured, and the use is not slack, and naturally, the long-term use is not affected.