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Strict slitting processing technology for solid laminates PE protective film
- Feb 28, 2019 -

According to the user's requirements, it is necessary to provide the exact specifications of the solid laminates PE protective film, so it should be slit. Firstly, the appearance of the laminate PE protective film of the previous process, printing and lamination is tested, and the hardness and appearance flatness of the large film roll are inspected to see if the cutting requirement can be achieved. Then, fully understand the performance of the slitting equipment that is about to run, and check the main operating parts and electrical control parts of the equipment.
At this time, the solid laminates PE protective film roll is put up, the blade is adjusted according to the specifications required by the user, and the production is started according to the normal production process. When entering normal production, the speed of the slitter should be strictly in accordance with the process requirements. By controlling the cutting speed, you can get the quality you need for slitting.
In normal production, it must be produced according to the performance of the equipment and the intrinsic properties of the film and the different specifications of the film, using appropriate slitting process. Because the process parameters, identification methods, and values of various cut films are different, the process must be carefully adjusted for each product.
Each operator must pay attention to the correct selection of the work station, play the best state of the equipment, grasp the use of the site, continuously summarize the experience, and find the use of the best features of the equipment. In addition, it is important to note that during the slitting process, each roll of laminate PE protective film is reopened and re-rolled and the film must be cleaned.