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The basic composition and application of clear transparent protective film for glass
- Dec 24, 2018 -

The clear transparent protective film for glass has a transparent appearance, is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and can add beauty to the window glass during use. The product is mainly used for decorating indoor and outdoor glass. This kind of glass film not only can change the monotonous and transparent image of ordinary glass, but also can be insulated and blocked, and it is explosion-proof and shockproof. It also provides safety insurance for the room while keeping warm.


In general, the most basic configuration of the clear transparent protective film for glass is such that one side is plated with a scratch-resistant layer and the other side is a mounting layer and a protective film. The glass film is usually synthesized from a single layer or a multi-layer PET interlayer, and has a thickness of 2 MIL (0.05 mm), 4 MIL (0.10 mm), 7 MIL (0.18 mm), 11 MIL (0.28 mm), 14 MIL (0.36 mm), and the like. The thickness of the substrate of the film should be 2 mil or more in consideration of safety and ease of application.


In practical applications, the clear transparent protective film for glass is widely used, and can be used for vertical, horizontal, curved surface, vertical and horizontal mounting, and has a wide range of stickers and is extremely convenient to use. At present, the product has been widely used in residential buildings, commercial office buildings and other public buildings, as well as automotive protection, computer anti-radiation, mobile phone beauty decoration and other fields.