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The difference between PE electrostatic film and ordinary rubber protective film
- Feb 25, 2019 -

Throughout the protective film industry, we can see a wide variety of protective film products, different products have different characteristics and applications. Among them, PE electrostatic film and ordinary rubberized protective film are common protective film products.
When the PE electrostatic film product is adsorbed, the electrostatic adsorption principle is mainly used to achieve a glue-like adhesion. When choosing a protective film, first understand your actual needs. Our products are suitable for protective film with or without glue. pp material or pe material protective film. If it is without glue, then it can be Choose PE electrostatic film.
At present, PE electrostatic film can be preferentially protected by some high-gloss surfaces, such as common electrostatic film used for screen protection. The protective film with glue is also called a film. The adhesive film is coated with a layer of glue, which is relatively viscous and suitable for use in areas where the surface is not as smooth. However, the classification of the adhesive film can also be classified according to the difference in the viscosity of the glue.
Since the PE electrostatic film selects a high-quality and high-permeable material, the entire surface of the protective film needs to be subjected to a high degree of wear resistance and scratch-resistant treatment, so the wear resistance is very high, and it is not only dustproof but also anti-fingerprint because It is specially processed, so it is not easy to distinguish the fingerprint on the screen, and the cleaning is relatively simple.