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The main features and transparency of casting polypropylene protective film
- Feb 14, 2019 -

The casting polypropylene protective film also called CPP protective film, which is a cast polypropylene protective film, is a non-stretched, non-oriented polypropylene protective film. It is divided into homopolymeric CPP and copolymerized CPP according to the raw materials, and is classified into general-purpose CPP, aluminized CPP (WMCPP), and cooked CPP (ie, RCPP) according to the use.

Main features of CPP protective film
1. CPP protective film has high transparency and good flatness.
2. CPP protective film has good temperature resistance, easy deformation, and has a certain degree of scratching without losing flexibility. The softening point is about 140 degrees.
3. CPP protective film feels good, shading, can be heat-sealed, not easy to anti-stick.
4. CPP protective film has excellent moisture and moisture resistance, and has certain oxygen resistance and oil resistance.
5. CPP protective film is non-toxic, odorless, odorless, and hygienic, with a density of 0.92g/cm3.
Since the CPP protective film has high temperature resistance which cannot be possessed by the pe base film, it is particularly suitable for IMD IML, etc.