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The manufacturing process and production situation of PE Static Film for Flat Panel Display Lens.
- Mar 22, 2019 -

The PE Static Film for Flat Panel Display Lens is actually an electrostatic liquid that is applied to the surface of the original film to exert a sticky force. The electrostatic adsorption film is subjected to treatment of the original film, and the adhesive force is generated by the electrostatic adsorption principle. To put it simply, there is a difference between glue and glue.


In the process of making a flat-panel display lens with a PE electrostatic film, corona treatment is generally performed, which causes the film to increase its surface area and carry static electricity, and then perform subsequent gluing work, so that the film and Good bonding of glue.


The PE electrostatic film for the flat panel display lens is effective on the inner layer of the film. The main material of the EVA is a certain adsorption function when it is used, so as to realize the entire adsorption function of the film. The electrostatic formula of these two kinds of electrostatic membranes is also different, and the quality and price of the products are different. The electrostatic film with the second lowest price will transfer the electrostatic components to the surface of the product, resulting in defective products and scrapping.


In the production process of PE electrostatic film for flat panel display lens, the processing temperature of the barrel is appropriately increased and the method of polycooling is adopted. The transparency of the film can be increased. In fact, in order to produce a transparent PP film, a water quenching method must be used. For example, if air cooling is used, the produced PP inflation film is vague and translucent due to poor cooling effect. For this reason, an appropriate increase in processing temperature and high-efficiency cooling means in production are effective ways to improve transparency. A small amount of a polyacrylate resin excellent in transparency and compatibility with a PE protective film or a PP protective film is added.