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What is the protection of anti static PET protective film?
- Dec 28, 2018 -

Anti-static PET protective film is widely used. This series of protective film products is made of anti-static polyester film as the substrate, coated with acrylic adhesive and anti-static treatment layer and bonded to release film. The anti static PET protective film is a surface protective material having a function of preventing adsorption of dust and impurities and preventing electrostatic damage.


Anti-static PET protective film can play a good role in protection, not only for touch screens of mobile electronic products, glass lenses, various panel manufacturing and surface protection of shipped products. It is also widely used to protect surface materials and prevent static electricity during the production of FPC, PCB, and electronic components. It can not cut off the powder and has excellent printing function.


The main performance characteristics of anti-static PET protective film: 1, safe and environmentally friendly, non-toxic and tasteless; 2, processing at a higher clean level, excellent cleanliness; 3, non-static material migration on the surface of the product; 4, excellent transparency, The appearance inspection of the optical film can be carried out in the state of bonding the protective material; 5. Low viscosity, the adhesion force changes little after the attachment; 6. The antistatic effect is excellent, and the performance is durable and stable.