PE Protective Film for Stainless Steel Appliances

Qihui PE protective film for stainless steel appliances can be laminated to steel and plastic to give appliances a fresh new look. Our stainless steel protective film provide custom colors and sizes.

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Product Details

With stainless steel, finish is everything. Whether you are looking for a brushed, bright annealed or mirror appearance, a single scratch can ruin the value of your product.

The problem is that your stainless steel appliances faces many potential hazards throughout the fabrication, shipping and installation processes. The surface can be marred at any step along the way, and the cost of fixing or replacing the product can put a big dent in your profit margin.

You can protect your stainless steel from damage, keep stainless spotless and protect your bottom line, with PE protective film for stainless steel appliances.

Low cost stainless steel protective film provides a great return on investment, as it eliminates scrapes or scratches to the steel surface itself. Any damage or soiling impacts only the stainless steel protective film, which is then easily peeled off and disposed of. Your product remains completely clean and untouched.


Technical Parameters

Product Name:

Protective film for stainless steel appliances


Polyethylene (PE)


Provide a protective barrier to scratch, mark, damage and dirt at the process of bending, pressing, punching, cutting, drilling, milling, roll forming, transportation and installation.


3-layers co-extrusion


Water-based acrylic / solvent-based acrylic / natural rubber


Transparent, blue, white, black and white, green and so on.


No printing or customer pattern printing.


20-150 microns


500~1580 mm






•Scratch resistant appliance film

•Fingerprint resistant

•Chemical resistant

•UV resistant

•Stainless appliance film faux finish

•A variety of finishes from matte to high gloss

•A full line of surface protection films that can be used in conjunction with our appliance films.

Quality Control

1. The raw material is the highest standard material of Sinopec, which is non-toxic, non-toxic and environmentally friendly.


2.Our company uses advanced inspection and testing equipment to ensure product quality and stability.


3.Company Certificate


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